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Here are some things I found funny, some are some ideas my friends have had, NOTE: these are not my views...(well maybe sometimes they are)....

Here is a comic from The Battalion for Webb and Scott.....


A little bit of politics from an e-mail my friend Webb sent me

----Afghanistan Cruise----
We at Carnivore Cruise Lines didn't forget that a lot of entertainers had
promised to leave the country if George W. Bush became President.

With that in mind, we have a Special Offer for those who want to keep their
promise! Attention: Would Alec Baldwin, Rosie O'Donnell, Cher, Phil
Donahue, David Geffen, Barbara Streisand, Pierre Salinger, and anyone else
who made that promise, please
dispose of all US assets and report to Florida for the  sailing of the
Funship Cruise, "Elation", which has been commissioned to take you to your
new vacation  homes in Afghanistan. You may opt to be dropped off in
Somalia or Iraq.

The Florida Supreme Court will sponsor a Farewell Parade in your
honor through Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties
prior to your cruise. Please pack for an extended least four
years and you should consider the possibility of eight years. Note: Since
you advocate strict gun control, you may not bring any.

Staffing your voyage is Bill Clinton as captain, Al Gore as cruise
director, Monica Lewinsky as recreation director, Ted Kennedy as lifeguard
and emergency procedures director, Rev. Jesse Jackson as spiritual advisor
and marriage counselor, and Congressman Gary Condit as intern coordinator.
If you've any questions about making arrangements for your homes, friends
and loved ones, please direct your comments to Senator Hillary Clinton. Her
village can raise your children while you're gone, and she can watch over
all your money and your furnishings until you return.

Bon Voyage!

10 ways to make Texas A&M a top 20

I got this out of The Battalion, Texas A&M's school newspaper, on February 20th in the Mail Call section.
10. Promote the Fact that we are trying to do in 20 years what Yale did in 300 years.
9. Create a major in tradition and a minor in howdy.
7. Spend thousands of dollars recruiting out of state professors, but hire only Aggies
6. Build a George W. Bush Library, housing the College of Liberal Arts.
5. Increase student fees to $1,000,000.
4. Instead of Maroon Out, have a Black Out, Brown Out, Red Out, and Yellow Out where the student body dressed up like a specific race to make A&M appear more diverse.
3. Have a class council sell "I'm Vision 2020 Compliant" shirts to pay for faculty and staff salary increases.
2. Change the name of the University from Texas A&M to Harvard II
1. Make it Vision 2100
-Chris Carter
   Class of 2001

Ass Crack Tattoos:

This is an original thought of Jeremy Weinstein, paraphrased by me:
You ever see a girl with a celtic knot right above her ass crack? Ever wonder why they chose to have a tatoo there??? I mean they can't really see it, the only person that can is someone while having special relations in a special position. Maybe that is the point, to occupy the man's attention during special relations. In that case a female with a cross word puzzle would be taking this to a whole new level.

On a side note what does this say about men with tatoos there?

Web Pages so dumb they are funny....

Squirrels singing and dancing around about gonads, Classic!

An up close and personal documentary on Britney Spears

An anti-golf web page.....

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