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I have completely revamped my motorcycle fleet, when have time I will update this, until then enjoy these pictures!

1977 to 1981 GS 450 to 1000 G, GL, and E

These are some Pictures of my bike. Originally it was a 1981 GS 1000G that some one had chopped. I also purchased a 1978 GS 850G parts bike with a complete frame. I got all of this for $650. I decided to swap the engines and wiring into the good frame. I figured the 3 year difference would not make for a big deal..... I was wrong. Along the way I realized that the seat and tank off the old bike would not fit at all that is where the GS 450, and the 1977 bike comes in. I reassembled this at my friend Ron's who did some magic that included a bit of MIG welding. Since then I have replaced the front tire with a bridgestone spitfire, adjusted the valves, cleaned the carbs, and placed my own "custom" paint job on Eli. Lately it has been difficult to start, but when she does run it is a scalled assed ape. This bike weighs close to 800 pounds and I can still pull the front wheel off the ground on a good day, with me on it (no small feet).

By the way it is named after Eli Whitney inventor of the interchangable part!!


The picture of above is of the original chopper


The picture above is of the parts bike, the parts bike is the blue one


Ahh painting the frame once it was stripped


The semi finished product, less side covers and paint. Note how it looks nothing like the other bikes!


The finished Eli.

1978 GS1000


This was my 1978 GS1000, it actually had all the original parts, it ran pretty damn good too, unfortunately it had low compression!

1984 KLR 600


Well it never ran when I owned it, and if the guy that bought it from me makes it run he is a god!!!!  Still I sold it for 200 bucks more than I bought it for!!!  But when you add the parts I put in it, I broke even , oh well, lessons learned

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