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1965 Malibu Chevelle

This site is all about my favorite, first, and fastest car , my 1965 Chevrolet Malibu Chevelle.


This was my first car in highschool and I never let it go!  It has gone through many phases.  The car has been in my family since 1990 when my Dad bought the vehicle for my sister for the amazing sum of $800.  At that time the car had 45,000 original miles on it!  She drove it for several years while my father fixed the brakes, added power steering, a radio, etc..  Then after her freshman year of college she leaned towards a Ford Taurus (that we have obviously since sold!)  and the car sat, until I was 16 and needed something to drive.  I started driving the old beater, loving every minute of it!  The car could power brake better than any other car!  It was not unusual to lay a 40' pure black mark!  This continued until my brother was doing it and broke an engine mount!  The summer before my Junior year in high school my Dad and I tore the car down to nothing and restored it to the vehicle you see here.  One of my favorite memories is tearing the A/C out and looking at a time stamp on the evaporite box.  My Dad looked at the box and commented that this box was made when he was 17, I was 17 at the time!  I drove it away to college where covered parking and money were scarce.  The car decomposed, the paint went to crap, the engine burns, leaks, and eats oil!  Now I have graduated and the Chevelle will once again be a show car!  Future plans include a 400+HP 383 LT1 engine from a camaro, a modern 4 speed overdrive, ford 9" locked rear end, new paint job, etc...  Some people ask me why I want to fix up this 4 door and it is mainly 2 reasons, 1) I have so many great memories with the car and 2) when was the last time you saw a 4 door Chevelle do a wheel stand?

Smokey burn out, 11th Street Cruise