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1965 Malibu Chevelle
The Paint Job

A paint job is like a first impression and you only make one first impression, make sure its good!

Once again I stripped the Chevelle down, no chrome, door handles, mirrors, windshield wipers, chrome, etc...  I took the beast to Bill Watson's Paint and Body in Porter Texas.  The first paint job was done by a "Fact-O-Bake" in South Houston, I went for a little better job this time.  Bill has helped my family with several cars including the paint that is currently on my Brother's '67 Chevelle, repairing my sister's old taurus miltiple times, Fixing my buddy Mike's Bronco's Frame, and fixing my friend Ron's Mustang frame.  I stopped in to see it last week and was amazed, the doors where off, the front clip (wheel wells, hood, etc... ) where off the car.  The body work I saw was second to none.  When this thing is done you can wave at the car, but the paint will not wave back!