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1965 Malibu Chevelle
The New Engine!!!

Expect some pictures once I get the scanner back online, but until then here is some info.  I bought a '93 camaro engine, computer, wiring harness, accesories, tranny, etc(what ever else I could snag) for $600.  I have since taken the block to Owen's Racing Engines in Pearland, TX to have it made to a 383 stroker, with cam upgrade, better valves, 0.030 bore, blueprint and balance, port polish, gasket match, NOS capable, sprinkled with pixie fairy dust, etc...  to make it a screaming rip ass engine.  The 93 camaro was speed density, I have since bought a mass air harness and computer to make my engine mass air and therefore capable of acknowledging these performance upgrades.  I hope to get high 400's in the HP range out of this engine.  Even if it is lower than this it will still spin my tiny back tires!